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The main problem of spray pump head spray

Oral administration is the preferred method of administration for most medical drugs. However, many drugs are degraded before entering the systemic circulation, including gastrointestinal degradation and metabolism, liver first-pass effect, etc. With the development of biological skills, more and more Biochemical drugs (protein and peptide drugs) are used to treat various diseases, and these drugs are usually not suitable for oral administration, and injections are often used, but this kind of administration method is expensive, and the patient’s compliance is poor, and it is difficult to carry out Heal for a long time.

The spray pump head changed this history. to this end. Pharmaceutical workers all over the world are committed to finding non-injection drug delivery routes for peptide drugs. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the nasal drug delivery route attracted the attention of drug researchers and became a hot research topic abroad in the early 1990s. The topic, and announced nearly ten kinds of nasal administration formulations with systemic effects. These formulations are all solution spray pumps. Single (double) dose and multiple dose manual spray pumps are used. However, the nasal solution sprays have the following shortcomings : (1) The drug exists in a liquid method, and the stability is poor. The pump valve system and the drug can have physical and chemical reactions such as adsorption. The pump and the drug solution are packaged separately, and the manual pump should be installed before use, and it should be in a certain time after opening Used up within (2 weeks). (2) The multi-dose spray pump should be pre-sprayed before use, and there will be a certain residual dose in the end, which is easy to cause spoilage. However, single-dose sprays are expensive and unbearable in the domestic market. The development of powder aerosol is closely related to drug delivery equipment. However, there is no special organization for research and development of drug delivery equipment in China. The domestic research on powder aerosol has been carried out since 1990, and the research on beclomethasone dipropionate powder aerosol has been passed through the national "Eighth Five-Year Plan" research and the "Ninth Five-Year Plan". Tackling key problems-the research of powder aerosol engineering has acquired the research and production skills of capsule powder aerosols, and has established the quality control methods and standards for powder aerosol research and production, but there is still a certain distance compared with foreign countries. . The specifics show that the research methods and techniques are lagging behind.

Foreign countries have deepened the study of dosage forms to the use of biological, electrochemical, and physical and chemical techniques for molecular-level studies such as absorption mechanisms, and all studies have been conducted on the mechanisms of drug delivery, metabolism, accumulation and targeting in the respiratory tract, such as: In vitro safety assessment of the absorption of nasal drugs in the same species and nasal administration; an in vitro model for evaluating drug absorption; a new investigation of the rules of drug transport through alveolar epithelium; in vitro determination of the correlation with in vivo dose; Targeted drug delivery at the same site; the effect of breathing methods on drug absorption in the lungs, etc. In vivo studies mostly use the isotope "99mTc symbol, GC-MS method, radioimmunoassay, and enzyme immunoassay. In comparison, our research is more concentrated in the practical period due to economic strength, and there is a shortage of research methods. Needs to be improved. Powder aerosol is a new dosage form, and its research and development must be summarized in the common sense of pharmacy, medicine, powder engineering, mechanics, machinery, etc. The level of preparation research in China is not much different from that of foreign countries, mainly due to shortcomings. In addition, the type of powder aerosol and the type of drug delivery equipment are single. The country should grasp the key to the development of biological skills and genetic engineering on the basis of foreign research, develop new types of powder aerosols, and cooperate with foreign equipment developers. Close cooperation, shorten the distance with foreign countries, and develop world-leading powder aerosol products.


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