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Standards for cosmetic inspection of plastic pump heads

⒈Plastic pump head bottle mouth diameter: 43/410 40/410

⒉Plastic pump head color: white and transparent colors are conventional colors, and other colors are made according to the color version provided by the customer

⒊Pumped dose: 0.4±0.1/0.8±0.15g/1.6±0.15g

⒋Plastic pump head first pumping water: ≤6 times

⒌Pressing feel: Rebound and hand synchronization speed, time ﹤1.5 seconds

⒍Plastic pump head tightness: the bottle is filled (water, emulsion) and the product is locked, positive pressure test: 2.5KG positive pressure bottle within 1 minute, or back pressure test: vacuum pressure at minus 0.05Mpa/5 minutes Do not leak inside.

⒎Plastic pump head suction tube length: length ±2MM

⒏Foam specification: The liquid function of the pump head is foam, and the foam should be full, delicate and uniform. (Note: For liquids with different formulas, the foaming effect will be changed).

⒐Plastic pump head service life: ≥1000 times

⒑Applicable products: cleansing foam, shampoo foam, shaving foam, shower gel, hand soap, etc.

⒒Plastic pump head material: PP or PE

⒓Conventional packaging materials for plastic pump heads: outer box size (CM): 58.5*45.5*29, about 500 in a box


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