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Sealed gas barrier packaging trend, cosmetic bottle mall development

Many skin care products on the market today fall into one of these two types of products-natural or high-tech. Airtight spray pressure packaging has become a good choice among skin care brands. A packaging company said: "The airtight barrier packaging is the most anticipated packaging. It is important for consumers to block skin care products from oxygen and squeeze out 100°C skin care products." Why so many skin care brands Should you choose this kind of packaging? The reason lies in the formula ingredients of these products.

If it is natural and organic skin care products, the manager of international skin care products, a self-care company in New York, said: “They are almost free of preservatives and will become extremely sensitive to the air, and airtight barrier packaging can maintain these sensitive ingredients. ." High-tech formulas will have similar questions. In the anti-aging trend, "we see more and more sophisticated formulas that can achieve better and better effects." The addition of top skin care molecules "will also add active ingredients and require airtight packaging for maintenance." Airtight The gas barrier packaging prevents the product from the air after the skin care product, which means zero evaporation and zero pollution of the formula. Recently, a new product has been launched in its closed gas barrier product group, which combines a gas barrier nozzle with point cleaning skills. This innovative sealing technique effectively prevents skin care products from evaporating through the nozzle. For the well-known men's skin care brand Zirh, they also developed the packaging of Zirh Platinum Deep Concentration Wrinkle Repair Cream, All Energy Moisturizing Cream and Eye Rejuvenation Essence.

The packaging of these three skin care products uses the Sof airtight equipment represented by the SP343 airtight vacuum lotion pump. A packaging company is also promoting its hermetic packaging, adding a product system with a hermetic choke spray pressure system to meet the increasing demand for products. A company cooperated with multiple brands to promote its innovative sealed series of packaging. For example, for a packaging project recently developed for West Coast consumers, he said: “It comes with two beautiful light purple resin jars in hourglass-shaped airtight spray packaging. In this way, consumers can use day cream and night cream separately. We changed the color of the packaging and the decoration on the night cream packaging." In order to meet the increasing demand for airtight packaging, a packaging company launched a new airtight packaging bottle series at the HBA announcement meeting held in September. He pointed out: "We want to maintain its common appearance and feel for all women who use the product. Together, we need an unprecedented packaging shape. This series of packaging bottles are very common in maintaining tightness, but it brings engineering skills. challenge."


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