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The first choice for lotion bottle with cap is lotion pump head

Cosmetic emulsions, these products have a water content of 10% to 80%, and they have certain fluidity. Emulsion cosmetics occupies a certain proportion in the cosmetics market, therefore, the market consumption of cosmetics packaging lotion bottles is also relatively large. With the continuous development of the cosmetics market, the market demand for lotion bottles is also rising.  

There are two ways to seal the lotion bottle. The common way is to equip the lid with the lotion pump head. After kneading the lotion pump head to match the lid, the amount of emulsion can be effectively controlled, which is highly anticipated by the market and has a high penetration rate. , The relative cost is also higher. The other is the general bottle cap packaging, but the bottle mouth is often set up very small, so that it can also control the amount of lotion 3 effectively, but it is not as convenient as the lotion pump head. The main raw materials of the lotion bottle are acrylic, glass and metal, and the outer packaging is mainly for seeking exquisiteness and high quality. Currently, domestic lotion bottles are produced in Guangzhou, Shangyu, Yuyao and Xuzhou.  

The buyers of lotion bottles are mainly large-scale cosmetics companies. Buyers have a relatively dominant voice in purchasing quotations. This is a challenge for lotion bottle manufacturers.


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