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Application of plastic lotion pump head with lid

The application areas of the plastic lotion pump head with the lid: It is used for hand sanitizer, shower gel, facial cleanser, and the pump head on the shampoo. The primary function is to save the amount of liquid. Press quietly and firmly, and the lotion will come out. Clean and clean, will not form polluting emulsion, is everyone's first choice.

How to use plastic lotion pump head:

1. Fix the bottle cap and rotate the pump head according to the figure below the pump head, then the pump head will rise.

2. If the pump head cannot rise, please tighten the cap again and try again.

3. Press down on the pump head by hand.

The streamlined lotion pump head is eye-catching design. The lotion pump head has a crystal clear driver and an external spring pump to ensure that the perfume and lotion remain pure and pollution-free. The streamlined lotion pump head design is very eye-catching, and the self-care products affixed with the retailer's label are customized for the needs of the brand. The aluminized bottleneck can reflect the color of the metalized finish, and the emulsion pump head creates a visual impact on the shelf. The same color also matches the detailed color in the brand.


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