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Different cosmetic bottle nozzles are more attractive

In fragrance packaging, pump planning is becoming more and more wonderful due to the use of low profile pumps. Currently the most compact pump head (the shortest pump core size). In cosmetics, the soft and lubricated pumps of the driving equipment have excellent sales. Some cosmetics, such as Revlon's products, have been transformed from glass bottle caps into plastic bottles and conceived pump heads. Foam dispensing pump heads have also achieved endless success.

In addition to thinking about the quality of the product itself, cosmetics brands also need to focus on the main points of the plastic spray nozzles for product packaging. The unique rigid plastic nozzles have now become the focus of more and more brands. Facial scrubs, roll-on eye creams, waxes, and anti-fat emulsions are all products that can get outstanding benefits from easy-to-use and convenient packaging nozzles. If you want to make your own Liuhe in many self-care brands, whether the plastic sprinklers are conceivable or easy to use has become a key factor for the brand's superiority.  

At present, many domestic brands have applied for patent maintenance for this coating system. The system, including the balls, is composed of five injection-molded small parts. This special applicator head can release the gel while massaging the skin. At the same time, having an efficient sealing method can also extend the shelf life of the product.


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