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Nozzle change a small step to improve the effectiveness of a big step

Spraying is one of the most commonly used methods in the use of chemical pesticides to control pests and diseases. The spray effect is related to many factors, and the performance of the sprinkler head is one of the most important reasons. Under the existing conditions, the hollow cone nozzle into traditional fan nozzle, simple action, low cost, it can obviously improve the control effect, reduce the volume of spray, and labor.

The study found that medical liquid sprayed from the nozzle nozzle to make objects before, because the liquid leakage and drift, on the surface of an object, the accumulation of bounce loss, resulting in great loss. Drops, not only easy to spray in the process of crop drip, can easily fall in the leaf accumulation loss drops too small will be easier to drift. Researchers also found that if the droplet diameter is reduced by half, the droplet will eventually become the 8 droplet. Most of the pests, the droplet diameter 20~50 microns in the most ideal. The nozzle performance is an important factor affecting the droplet size.

In fact, there are many kinds of nozzles used at home and abroad. Hand spray equipment, according to the spray shape of the spray into the hollow cone shaped nozzles, solid cone shaped nozzles and fan nozzles, etc.. In our country, still in use in the last century in 50s developed countries have eliminated the workers and peasants, -16 type manual sprayer. The spray nozzle is mostly hollow conical spray droplet diameter is about 200 microns. In order to strive to spray the liquid evenly, the average volume of one acre of land to be at least 30 kg of liquid. Because the liquid nozzle is empty. In plants, in order to achieve uniform injection continuously swing spray rod, "Z" type traveling spray deposition forming shape ring ring type, causing some parts of no deposition, effect is not good, some parts of deposition solution too much appears to injury.

The medicine mist nozzle was a fan shape, falling liquid on plants is relatively uniform, and the medicine drop diameter is relatively small, generally below 100 microns. At the same time, because of spraying liquid, liquid spray amount per acre is significantly reduced, in the seedling stage of crop acres of land with 15 kg can be. On cucumber, the liquid deposition rate on cucumber leaves was 34.1% when spraying with a hollow cone nozzle. Fan nozzle is 44.5%. In rape field, the control effect of the hollow cone nozzle is 92% and 98%, and the control effect is.


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