Use sprayer to operate properly


Sprayer is one of the common agricultural tools used by […]

Sprayer is one of the common agricultural tools used by farmers in the field work. According to the relevant department statistics show that the use of the most frequent nasal spray bottle with a manual sprayer, accounting for 90% of the total amount of the sprayer. Many farmers and friends believe that the spray structure is simple, easy to operate. As everyone knows, a small spray if improper operation, not only to the user to bring physical damage, but also delay the timing of crop control, affecting the control effect, resulting in crop production. Here are some notes on the use of the sprayer.

1, before the operation to check whether the parts of the sprayer are damaged, there is no leakage, spray is normal, with water to spray.

2, the sprayer must use clean water dispenser, otherwise, will cause unnecessary damage, because tilting hole nozzles do not allow any impurities such as the impurities stuck in the middle, it will form a spray is not normal or lower spray volume. Some people feel that the spray is weak, it is hard to shake, the results led to the compression bottle can not withstand excessive pressure, and the occurrence of compression bottle burst or water absorption tube burst and so on.

3, dispensing and spraying staff should wear special clothes, socks, gloves and goggles and other protective equipment, to avoid skin contact with pesticides.

4, knapsack sprayer spray tank cannot be overfilled, so as not to bend over when the liquid overflow from the box mouth, onto the application person.

5, the spraying, the operator should stand in the leading position, always pay attention to changes in wind direction, change the way of walking to work in a timely manner, to shun interlaced application.

6, the application time to choose the right, avoid spraying at noon when the sun is strong, because then the pesticide volatile, and the operator sweating, pesticide easily through the pores into the human body.

7, spraying equipment in the working process of the event of failure, should immediately stop working, close the valve, examine and repair. If the nozzle is blocked, the nozzle switch should be closed to prevent the liquid from overflowing from the edge of the nozzle or the switch. If the spray pipe or liquid pump failure, we must first reduce the pressure in the pipeline. In the open air liquid medicine box, should be the first release of the compressed air in the cylinder, to prevent accidents.

8, the work is completed, the application personnel to timely replacement of work clothes, wash your face with soap, hand washing, timely cleaning work clothes.

9, in order to ensure the use of trouble and prolong the service life of the spray, after each use, should be promptly poured out of the barrel of residual liquid, and rinse it dry, at the same time, check the gas chamber without water, such as water, to remove the water discharging water joint.

10, if the short term does not use the spray, should be the main parts of clean, dry packed, stored in a cool and dry place. If the long-term need not, then the various parts of the metal coated with butter, to prevent rust.