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Note on the use of the spray device in the chicken group

Group spray immunization is commonly used in poultry production, an immune method, because of its simple operation and good immune effect, so many farmers are willing to use this method. A nasal spray spray bottle immune is the use of pump the air compression, and then through the atomization particle aerosol generator to dilute the vaccine formed a certain size, evenly suspended in the air, into the poultry with breathing. According to the division of power sprayer used by the main electrical (AC or DC) and pneumatic two, each with different types in the practical application should be chosen according to the specific circumstances of the appropriate sprayer. For spray droplet size to meet the requirements, and uniform, more than 80% of the droplet size should be in the required range. The spray process should pay attention to the quality of spray, spray to find problems or failure, should immediately stop the operation, and by using the manual operation, after that, to be washed with water spray, spray to fully dry, keep packing. Attention to prevent corrosion, do not use detergent or disinfectant to clean the inside of the container.

When the appropriate temperature is 15 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius, the temperature can be lower, but generally do not in the ambient temperature below 4 degrees celsius. If the ambient temperature is higher than 25 DEG C, the droplet will quickly evaporate and can not enter the respiratory tract of poultry. If you want to use the immune sprayer in the higher than 25 degrees Celsius in the environment, it can be first in the birdhouse spraying water in indoor air relative humidity is increased after.

Spray, houses should be sealed, closed doors and windows and air vents, reduce air flow. After spraying 15 to 20 minutes to open the door and window. Such as the selection of a diameter of 59 microns below the sprayer, spray gun should be sprayed in the poultry head about 30 cm above, the bird body formed around the good atomization area, and droplet particles do not immediately settlement in space can be suspended for proper time.


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