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Common faults and exclusion of sprayer nozzles


The type of plastic spray nozzle is more, the following introduces the rocker type and worm wheel and worm type sprinkler common failures and troubleshooting methods.

1 abnormal tongue characteristics. If the rotating sprinkler is working, no matter in him (the impeller rocker type water deflector, or worm) blocked, water nozzle should be near the tongue in a smooth and transparent circular section in the period after the dense, dense water tongue gradually turned white and crushed; its range should not be less than the standard value of 85%, and with good atomization. Otherwise, it is abnormal for the water tongue. The causes and elimination methods are as follows: the water tongue just left the nozzle, the surface rough and opaque, but the water is still the mainstream of the tongue round, the reason is, burr or rough machining head injury. Nozzle should be polished or replaced. Water tongue just left the nozzle on the spread, there is no circular compact segment. The main reason is that the nozzle internal damage is serious, should be replaced; rectifier distortion, should be repaired or replaced; in the flow passage there are foreign bodies in the blockage, should be cleared of foreign bodies.

2 the range of water tongue is not enough. Range is not enough, but the water tongue atomization is still good, the main reason is that the nozzle speed is too fast, should adjust the speed of the small nozzle. The range is not enough and the water tongue is poor. The reason is that the work pressure is not enough, can press the request to adjust the high pressure.

3 rocker type nozzle rotation is not normal. The rocker arm is working normally, but the nozzle does not turn or turn very slowly. The reasons are as follows: the hollow shaft and the sleeve shaft clearance is too small, should increase the gap; the two are entered into the sand blocking, should be removed clean; installed when the shaft is too tight, should be appropriate to relax. The rocker angle is too small. The reasons are: the spring arm tightly, appropriate adjustment should be loose; the rocker mounting device is not too high, the water cut in water should be lowered; the tongue, rocker and rocker shaft with the tight, should increase the gap; the lack of pressure, should be raised. The rocker angle is large enough, but a weakness. The reason is the starting water deflector tongue too deep, so that the power has not been fully tapping in the rocker body is made of spray. Percussion block should be thickened. The rocker impact frequency instability, unsteadiness. The reason is the rocker arm and shaft Songkuang or rocker shaft loose, it is necessary to find out the reasons for correcting. The rocker arm off after not return. The main reason is that a spring rocker is too loose, should tighten the spring.

4 worm wheel and worm type (vane wheel) head rotation is not normal. The impeller does not turn head but idling. The main reason: between the impeller shaft and the worm screw loose or small pin fall off, should be tightened; positioning screws between the worm wheel and the shaft sleeve is large loose should be tightened; reversing gear did not catch, should the reversing lever to gear up. Water tongue is normal but the impeller does not turn, the spray does not turn. The main reason: worm gear or gear oil, the resistance is too large, should add the lubricating oil; positioning screw too tight, resulting in a large worm gear eccentricity, should be appropriately loosened; the impeller is foreign body stuck, should be cleared; worm gear, gear or hollow shaft and shaft sleeve should be rusted, rust refueling.

5 spray head rotating part of leakage. The washer into the sediment, so that the sealing surface is not sealed, should be removed hollow shaft clean. The processing precision of the nozzle is not enough, the end face of the hollow shaft and the sleeve shaft can not be closely matched, and the hollow shaft can be repaired or replaced.


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