Magical summer moisturizing spray pump head


The small plastic bottle plus a spray pump head becomes […]

The small plastic bottle plus a spray pump head becomes a simple sprayer. The small plastic bottle with a small spray pump head is now favored by many fashionable women. It can put a part of perfume, so that it can be used anytime and anywhere in the bag. use. In fact, small spray pump heads are now very common in ordinary days.
    Now that the small spray pump head is so widespread, can it only become a consumer product for girls? In fact, there are many uses in the usual days. The small spray pump head has brought us a lot of convenience in the summer. For example, it also comes with a spray pump head. The low-cost spray pump head with small plastic bottles we mentioned earlier can also give us many unexpected conveniences in the summer. If there are many air-conditioned rooms, the phenomenon of air-conditioning disease will be caused by the moisture absorbed by the air-conditioning. This You can help with a small spray bottle. You can put tap water in the plastic bottle or even the low-temperature water processed through the refrigerator, so that the spray pump head directly sprays the water mist in the room to cool down, which can make the water mist in the room and reduce the temperature. It will wet everything in the room and cool down the space again.
    The effect of the spray pump head is very widespread, it can kill insects, can be disguised, and can clean. You can buy a sprayer with a spray pump head and gradually develop its effect. I believe you will have unexpected advantages