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The method of use and the principle of operation of all plastic trigger sprayer


1. Usually the all plastic trigger sprayer is closed when it leaves the factory. When the user gets it, firstly opens the nozzle according to different requirements. The nozzle is marked OFF/ON, Sprayer/Stream, Sprayer/Sprayer. The user can turn to the indicated state according to their own needs, and then push the trigger for 3~10 times. At this time, the air in the sprayer will be all sprayed out, and then the liquid will be sprayed to the scene you need. The amount of spray depends on your situation. If you are done with it, we recommend closing the nozzle or keeping it out of reach of young children. Because detergent, decontamination agent and other daily cleaning products have a certain irritation, to prevent children from ingestion or misuse.
2.The working principle of the plastic trigger sprayer: open the nozzle, push the trigger, at this time the piston in the pump body movement, the pump body gas flow, exhaust the air, the pressure becomes smaller, the pressure out of the pump unchanged, the pump inside and outside the pressure difference, through the pressure difference will be liquid diversion out of the pump. When the liquid meets the high-speed air flow, it atomizes instantly and is ejected.

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