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Function of perfume spray pump and its related information


Perfume spray pump is widely used. It is also a popular product in the market due to its various advantages. However, there are many knowledge points that need to be understood when it is used. After all, many users do not understand these.

Perfume spray pump actually contains alcohol based on its material. It uses corrosion-resistant materials and has a long service life. The ordinary spray pump is filled with water, and the material is ordinary plastic. From its role, it can be seen that the functional opening of perfume spray pump is smaller than that of perfume, and the effect is better when sprayed on objects, facilitating the volatilization of perfume. The functional opening of the ordinary water jet pump is relatively large, and the water sprayed is more comprehensive, and the water volume is also large. When in use, in the same fluid, the flow is large and the pressure is small; Low flow and high pressure. The fluid will flow from high pressure to low pressure. Of course, this is because the perfume spray pump has a mechanical structure that allows the liquid to be compressed to generate high pressure. When the liquid passes through the perfume nozzle, the low-speed flowing water is suddenly released from the pores of the small nozzle after being compressed (the principle is similar to the bomb explosion), resulting in relatively high-speed movement between the liquid and air. Due to the high-speed flow, the water is torn into droplets. A small drop. When these small drops of water spray out, they become fog.

The perfume spray pump is actually designed to effectively prevent volatilization. Because the contact surface between the liquid and air in the nozzle is very small, and most of the nozzles are also designed to block the contact with air. Moreover, when the perfume cover is closed around the nozzle, you will find that the air flow around the perfume spray pump will be lower, so the swing is very low. After all, only the small pores of the nozzle will reach the nozzle equipment. A small part of perfume will evaporate, so don't worry too much about evaporation through the nozzle. Of course, if it is the kind of cologne perfume that can be applied after unscrewing, it will evaporate rapidly in the air if the bottle cap is not closed.

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