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Description Of Foam Pump


1.Application of foam pump
Foam pump has been widely used in personal care, household cleaning, automotive supplies, pet supplies and other industries.
2.Advantages of foam pump
2.1 The output is stable, with each push volume of 0.8ml±10%;
2.2 The foam is delicate, without large bubbles;
2.3 A variety of colors and closure specifications optional: 40/410, 43/410, UV coating, etc.;

HD-503D 43/410 hand soap shampoo shower cleaning 1.2ml/T foam pump
3. Principle of foam pump
The product is used vertically, before use, the glass is always closed with the pump seal water level by gravity, the lower piston, valve needle, spring, spring seat are in a sealed state because of the elastic force.
Exhaust: when press the head, the upper piston and the lower piston down to the pump step, at this time the lower piston and valve needle in the open state, the mixed gas in air chamber 1 and chamber 2 is discharged through the net; At the same time, the outside air enters the bottle through the air exchange hole to achieve the balance of air pressure.
Suck up liquid: In the process of reset, the valve needle is sealed with the lower piston. Under the elastic action of the spring, the upper and lower piston and the head are reset together, and the piston continues to return to the initial state. At this time, the air chamber generates a low pressure lower than the operating environment. The glass is jacked up, the liquid through the straw into the air chamber 1; Also fill air into air chamber 2 through the valve disc.
By pressing the head up and down reciprocating motion, the liquid in the bottle through the tube, air chamber 1, net, head, eventually fine foam is formed..
The pump is the core part of the whole product work, which determines the size of the liquid output, the foam effect and the degree of stability.

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