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What is PCR?


PCR: Post Consumer Recycled
Explanation: (post-consumer recycling) is to prevent the waste plastics such as mineral water bottles, CDs, electrical enclosures and other waste plastics that are consumed in daily life from becoming domestic waste, which is recycled and granulated for reuse.
At present, China has become a veritable synthetic resin producer, importer and consumer in the world. The Chinese government has also made building a circular economy and a conservation-oriented society its basic national policy, and saving resources and protecting the environment has become the common responsibility of the whole society. While encouraging resource recycling, the government has also strengthened environmental monitoring of resource recovery and recycling industries.
Usually, people call the waste plastics produced after circulation, consumption and use as post-consumer plastics (ie Post Consumer Recycling, PCR for short).
The recycling of post-consumer plastics can turn industrial waste into extremely valuable industrial production raw materials, and realize resource regeneration and recycling.
China’s plastic recycling industry has the largest scale in the world.
Relevant data show that my country’s plastic products industry has developed rapidly over the years. At the same time, there is a shortage of plastic raw materials, and the import volume has increased. However, the recycling rate of waste plastics is very low. The industrial structure needs to be adjusted urgently. The recycling of waste plastics has become the key to the entire recycling industry chain, and it is also a high-tech and profitable link in the entire industry.


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