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What Trigger Sprayers is for


Sometimes you need to spray something really far away (“really far away” meaning a foot or more). Other times you want to be able to squirt a large quantity of liquid instead of just a tiny bit. If you have tried the fine mist and regular mist sprayers and have decided that you simply need more spray, then it is time to move on to bigger things. Enter the trigger and the adjustable trigger sprayers.

The trigger sprayer is used for lots of different products. Window cleaner, bathtub cleaner, weed killer, bug killer, and more. This is a typical squirter that you’ll find intermixed in your cleaning supply closet. It is pretty easy to use: point where you want to spray, pull the trigger, and voila! You have successfully sprayed! That is, of course, as long as you make sure that the sprayer is not locked. These dispensers have a square nozzle that turns to various settings.

These sprayers have more variety in the types of streams that they will shoot. Instead of a square rotating nozzle with two or three settings like the regular trigger sprayers have, they have a round nozzle that can spray a fine mist, a long stream, and pretty much anything in between. If you want more options of how your product is being dispensed, then this sprayer will give you a lot of spraying flexibility. These sprayers all performed well with all of the testing materials. They sprayed more than seven feet with some of the thick liquids on the stream setting, and sprayed several feet when on the mist setting. But just as with all of the other trigger sprayers, the thick liquids don’t create a great mist. Stick with water-like liquids for the best mists.


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