What are the benefits of a beauty sprayer


This is called steaming machine. The hot steam is scatt […]

This is called steaming machine. The hot steam is scattered and distributed on the cleaned skin. It can open the pores, soften your horny and facilitate subsequent maintenance work, such as removing blackheads, exfoliating, and steaming before making masks. It can most effectively absorb the nutrients in the mask, and this hot steam also has a certain whitening effect.

Steamed face machine with cold steam, the effect is better, because after the benefits of hot steaming, after finishing the blackhead, or the horny, after the mask is done, the pores of the skin can be contracted. The pores after maintenance are fine and delicate, and the cold steam has a certain calming and oil control effect~! So this is very useful.

Hey, give you a small suggestion, it is best to add pure water in the home beauty hot and cold spray machine, that is to buy and drink, it is best not to directly add water in the water pipe, because the tap water contains chlorine, There will be precipitation on the skin for a long time.