What are the inspection standards for cosmetic pump heads


Because more and more people use cosmetics, the inspect […]

Because more and more people use cosmetics, the inspection standards for him are also stricter. After all, good cosmetics are loved by everyone. People use them because they love beauty. If the quality is not good, there is no way to use them, just a waste of money. The same applies to cosmetic packaging. Let’s take a look at the inspection standards for cosmetic pump heads.

1. Quality standards

The pump body of the pump head must be intact. No rupture or deformation, the pump mouth should maintain complete tightness with the bottle mouth, the surface of the pump head exposed from the bottle body should be smooth, free of bubbles, spots, scratches, and no burrs. The pump head with a lock should be locked. status.

2. Appearance

The outer packaging should be clean and tidy, and there should be no stains. The color of the pump head should be consistent with the bottle body, and the color that meets the requirements should be free of color difference. The pump head pipe should be kept unobstructed.

Regardless of the quality, appearance or other aspects of the pump head, it is necessary to have the qualified quality inspection certificate of the corresponding manufacturer to prove that its cosmetic pump head has passed the standard inspection before it can be put into use.