How to check whether the cosmetic pump head is qualified


After the production of cosmetic pump heads, it is nece […]

After the production of cosmetic pump heads, it is necessary to uniformly check its eligibility. The production samples can be put into production after being qualified, and then put on the market for use. Unqualified products need to be recycled and re-produced. How to check whether the cosmetic pump heads are qualified What?

1. Heat and cold resistance test

Choose the bottle matched with the pump head, inject the corresponding volume of water according to the net content of the bottle, and test it in a constant temperature box at 48 degrees for 24 hours. This is a heat resistance test. Place it at minus 5 degrees to 15 degrees for 24 hours in the refrigerator. It is a cold resistance experiment.

2. Appearance inspection

Under natural light, observe the integrity of the pump head at a distance of 30-40cm, including the color, whether the pump head is smooth or not, whether there is obvious damage, cracks, etc.

3.Rigorous inspection

Fill the matching bottle with an appropriate amount of water, tighten the pump head and the bottle body, and place them in a vacuum box on the side, maintain the corresponding atmospheric pressure for five minutes, and observe whether there is any water leakage.

The above several experiments are more commonly used, as well as pump head rebound experiment, pump output experiment and so on, the effect is good.