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There are many classification methods for various plastic products

The variety of plastic products is messy, and there are many classification methods.

1. According to the molding method and product layout, it can be divided into compact molded products, transfer molded products, thermoplastic foam layout products, blow molded products, thermoformed products, waste-free molded products, rotational molded products, cast molded products, extrusion Produce molded products, reinforcement and layer restriction products, etc.

2. According to different materials, it can be divided into polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, phenolic resin and amino plastic products.

3. According to the shape and use of the product, it can be divided into plastic pipe, plastic film, plastic plate and sheet, plastic wire, and plastic tape. Plastic bags, artificial leather, plastic building materials, foamed plastics, plastic containers, plastic shoes, wires, cables, plastic industrial parts, daily plastic products, arts and crafts plastic products, cultural, educational and sports plastic products, etc. Plastic pipes include polyethylene plastic pipes (also divided into general pipes, gas pipes, agricultural concealed pipes, composite pipes, calcium plastic pipes, LLDPE pipes), polypropylene pipes (also divided into general pipes, water-supply hard PVC pipes, and PVC calcium plastic pipes) , General soft PVC pipes, fabric-reinforced PVC hoses or dimensional plastic pipes, PVC sandwich pipes, corrugated pipes, low-foamed PVC pipes, surrounding pipes, spring pipes and anti-static pipes), other thermoplastic pipes and thermosetting plastic pipes Wait. Plastic films include PE film (general, heavy packaging, greenhouse, ground cover, heat shrink packaging, non-slip, cast flat film, air cushion film, LLDPE blown ultra-thin film, calendered film, etc.), PP film (blow packaging, extrusion Casting, biaxially oriented film), PVC film and other plastic films, plastic sheets and sheets include PE, PP, PVC sheets and sheets, other thermoplastic sheets and sheets, thermosetting plastic sheets, etc. Artificial leather (such as direct scraping method PVC artificial leather and foam artificial leather, direct scraping method artificial leather, calendering method and extrusion method, rotary screen coating method artificial leather) and other artificial leather (dry, wet PU, PU /PVC composite, PE, PA artificial leather, rubber-plastic-nylon canvas leather). Plastic wire. Nets, belts, bags (PE, PVC, PA, PP monofilament, PP flat yarn, PVC hair, PP, PVC strapping and strapping rope, PVC conveyor belt and insulating tape), plastic extruded net and PE extruded hair Foam net, plastic cooking bag, self-sealing belt, PE, PP packaging bag, HDPE, LDPE shopping bag, plastic cement packaging bag. Plastic containers, hollow containers such as blow molding barrels, extrusion and injection blow molding bottles, extrusion-stretch blow molding bottles, injection-stretch blow molding bottles, extrusion-blow molding large hollow containers, rotary molding containers, composite hollow Containers, plastic turnover boxes, corrugated boxes and suitcases, etc. Plastic shoes and soles: PVC all-plastic sandals, rain boots, miner shoes, injection foam sandals, plastic-sole imitation straw sandals, foam slippers, PVC soles, etc. and other plastic shoes (PE foam-soled sandals, slippers, cloth shoes; PU foam Sole sandals, slippers, leather shoes; SBS sole travel, cool, cloth shoes). Foam plastic and its products, soft such as: PE coils and cushions, PVC soft, PU soft and their composite materials; rigid PE life jackets, swimming rings, PS, PU and PU insulation sleeves.


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