Classification method of plastic products


1. Various building materials materials, such as: calen […]

1. Various building materials materials, such as: calendered PVC floor leather, extrusion calendered PVC floor leather, scraping PVC floor leather, rotary screen coating PVC floor leather, roll coating PVC floor leather; PVC floor tiles, plastic carpets , Red mud and fly ash filled PVC floor tiles, plastic wallpaper, roof materials, such as waterproof membranes, PE foam ceilings, PVC flame-retardant ceilings; doors, windows and other special-shaped materials and products, such as stair handrails, step boards, Partition walls, screens, sinks, floor panels and assembled plastic furniture, etc.;

2. Plastic sanitary ware, such as plastic toilet, artificial marble sanitary ware and stone.

3. Plastic wires and cables. Such as cable materials (PE, PP, PVC), plastic wires, cables (PVC, cross-linked PE).

4. Some industrial plastic products: ①Chemical equipment (hard PVC, hand lay-up glass fiber reinforced plastic, surround molding glass fiber reinforced plastic, etc.); ②Plastic sealing materials (PVC, PTFE and other gaskets, PP sealing strips); ③Electrical products (Electrical products such as phenolic plastics, amino plastics and unsaturated polyesters); ④Reinforced thermosetting plastic industrial parts (glass fiber reinforced phenolic and epoxy, unsaturated poly DS, asbestos fiber reinforced and metal fiber reinforced phenolic plastic parts); ⑤Thermoplastic industrial parts (PVC injection pipe fittings, valves, welding rods, reinforced PP industrial parts, cast nylon military parts, MS copolymer resin injection high-transparency engineering parts).

5. Daily use, arts and crafts and other plastic products, such as polyolefin, styrene hair combs, soap basins, tea trays; non-toxic PVC pastry boxes, washing boards; melamine plastic tableware; PE cutting boards; furniture plastic decoration strips , Plastic window screens, inflatable toys, balls; PVC viewing gloves, pearl glass buttons, plexiglass craft crystals, PVC drawn tablecloths, carbon fiber reinforced plastic badminton rackets, disposable syringes, printing, bronzing, electroplating plastic products, medical PTFE expansion systems Products, cervical cell self-collecting device, etc.