The difference between direct spray spray bottle and side spray spray bottle


Recently, many people have come to consult, what is the […]

Recently, many people have come to consult, what is the difference between a direct spray spray bottle and a side spray spray bottle?

First of all, the difference in appearance, the direct spray spray bottle, as the name implies, is a spray bottle that can be sprayed directly by pressing, and the spout of the side spray spray bottle is in the lateral position.

Secondly, in terms of usage scenarios. Direct spray spray bottles are more biased towards the bottled packaging of daily chemicals, while spray spraying is more biased towards the medical supplies industry.

Why is there such a difference? The main reason is the difference between the nozzles. Since the direct spray nozzle is slightly smaller than the side spray nozzle, it is less than the side spray in terms of mist, which is not difficult to understand. If I need to spray a little perfume, users will definitely hope that my perfume can be used for a longer period of time, and I need to use it sparingly and not waste it; the side spray that favors medical treatment is different, such as the spray bottle used to spray throat inflammation. The patient definitely hopes that the spray area is larger, which can cover all the speaking areas, and the amount of medicine sprayed should be enough, otherwise it will be difficult to achieve the therapeutic effect.

Therefore, when manufacturers make spray bottles, these factors are taken into consideration, and they are not used indiscriminately. Only by holding a rigorous attitude towards products can we win the trust of users!