The difference between plastic spray bottle and glass spray bottle


Plastic spray bottles and glass spray bottles are two d […]

Plastic spray bottles and glass spray bottles are two different materials of spray bottle containers. What is the difference between the two spray bottles?

1. The material is different. One is glass and the other is plastic. This is the most direct difference;

2. The cost is different. Glass bottles are more expensive in terms of cost and are usually used for storage of small amounts of volatile liquids; while plastic spray bottles are inexpensive and have relatively good physical and chemical properties, so the scope of application will be wider, basically covering all walks of life;

3. The weight is different. Don't underestimate this kind of weight problem. Because of the bottle weight problem, customers are left with tens of thousands of logistics costs a month;

4. The high level is different. Glass bottles are more inclined to be used in spray bottle containers for some high-end products, because plastic materials are more used as packaging containers for more friendly spray bottle products;

Only to say that the two materials have their own merits. Customers need to choose products that suit them according to their actual conditions, instead of blindly pursuing high-end or close-to-the-people, both have a market, and one more choice is for the ultimate consumer. More practical benefits.