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The atomization principle of spray pump

Because the nozzle opening is small, if the pressure is smooth, when the liquid flows out of the small hole, the liquid flow rate is very high, that is to say, the air has a large flow rate relative to the liquid at this time, which is equivalent to the problem of high-speed airflow impacting water droplets. Therefore, the subsequent analysis of the atomization principle is exactly the same as that of the ball pressure nozzle. The air impacts the large water droplets into small water droplets, step by step to refine the water droplets. At the same time, the high-speed flow of liquid will also drive the gas flow near the nozzle orifice, making the gas near the nozzle orifice increase in velocity and pressure, forming a local negative pressure zone. Thus, the surrounding air is mixed into the liquid to form a gas-liquid mixture, and the liquid produces an atomization effect.

Manufacturing process

1. Spray pump molding process: The bayonet and screw on the spray pump are all plastic, but some are covered with a layer of aluminum cover and a layer of anodized aluminum. Most of the internal parts of the spray pump are mainly made of PE, PP, LDPE and other plastic materials and are molded by injection molding. Among them, glass material beads, springs and other accessories are generally purchased from outside.

2. Surface treatment of spray pump: The main components of the spray pump can be applied to vacuum plating, anodized aluminum, spraying, injection molding and other methods. Usually cosmetic manufacturers will provide drawings or general requirements, which are completely produced by the packaging material manufacturer, and some packaging materials have to be divided into more subtle ones. Specific conditions and needs, depending on the type of cosmetic packaging, can also be specifically outsourced. Accessories.

3. Graphic and text processing of the spray pump: Both the nozzle surface and the surface of the mouthpiece of the spray pump can be printed with graphics and text. It can be operated by bronzing, silk screen and other processes. However, in order to keep it simple, it is generally not printed on the nozzle.


Spray pump products are widely used in cosmetic products, such as perfumes, gel water, air fresheners and other water and essence products.


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