Spray how to use correctly


There are many types of spray, moisture is just one of […]

There are many types of spray, moisture is just one of them. It is more suitable for often face computer, stay in the air conditioning room of white-collar workers, just gently spray liquid in the face after a while, with a paper towel gently dry, the skin can be more moisture.

Three types of spray
moisturizing spray
Use can be sprayed directly in the face in the morning and evening after cleansing, to further improve the cleaning step. It can be used at any time, especially in the hot summer weather, hot and dry skin feeling unwell, lightly spray, immediately feel refreshing and moist, against dry skin, make skin full of water to drink whenever and wherever possible. The correct spray method plays a decisive role in the effect of moisturizing spray. When in use, it should be a distance of 10-15 cm from the face, facing the face evenly spray. The water in the volatile times, salt crystallization in the surface of the skin will absorb water out from the skin, it will take away the moisture inside the skin, so in order to better pay, the appropriate time to make skin contact with water for a minute or so, and then use cotton towel to gently absorb moisture.

The mist
In addition to the basic Aromatic Spray moisturizing function, can play the effect of dilute fragrance. Spray on the medical nozzle completely no general perfume slightly sticky feeling, easy to be absorbed by the skin. Can relieve the pressure of the skin, make the skin more moist, makeup can be more veneer. A lot of Aromatic Spray also contains essential oil components, so that we use to further relieve mental stress, regulate the skin condition.

Sunscreen spray
Sunscreen Spray is a simple type of sunscreen products. In addition to the traditional sunscreen products, carry one, can make up for a long time in the outdoor can not re apply sunscreen milk. At the same time, there is no general sun protection products greasy thick, can be more convenient to travel. In the use of Sunscreen Spray, should pay attention to the evenly in advance, and use sunscreen spray should also do the daily cleansing work, need to use cleansing oil can be completely removable Sunscreen Spray clean, to prevent damage to the skin sunscreen spray.

Spray type of skin care products, not through the hand of this process, directly attached to the skin, very convenient, by a lot of girls love. But in fact, not all of the spray can be directly sprayed on the skin oh.