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Working principle and professional knowledge of lotion pump head


Gently press the door handle, the capacity of the torsion spring chamber decreases, and the working pressure increases. The liquid enters the nozzle chamber according to the hole in the oil circuit board, and the solution sprays out according to the nozzle. At this time, after the door handle is released, the capacity of the torsion spring chamber increases, and a negative pressure is generated. The ball opens under the action of air pressure, and the liquid in the water bottle seat enters the torsion spring chamber. At this time, there is a certain liquid in the oil circuit board. When you press the door handle again,
The liquid stored in the oil circuit board is sprayed upwards.

From the above working principle, the key to a good lotion pump head is to pay attention to the following aspects
1. The tightness of the glass marble or ball in the torsion spring is very important. It is related to the upward force of the liquid in the torsion spring chamber. It leaks from here. When you press the handle gently, a part of the liquid will leak into the bottle, which will affect the actual effect of the liquid spraying;

2. If there is leakage at the inner sealing ring of the lotion valve fitting body, the liquid pulling force will be reduced when leaving the handle, and the amount of liquid stored in the oil circuit board will be reduced, which will also affect the actual effect of the spray.

3. If the engagement between the operating handle of the lotion pump and the solenoid valve is loose and there is leakage, there will be a certain friction resistance when the liquid rises to the nozzle, causing the liquid to flow back. Leakage from here will also affect the actual effect of the spray.

Professional knowledge of cosmetic bottle lotion pump head:
1. lotion pump head, aerosol valve and vacuum bottle can also be divided into nozzle type and nozzle type in terms of performance, and can be divided into nozzle and nozzle according to the main purpose.

2. The size of the water head is determined according to the aperture of the matching bottle. The standard spray is 12.5mm - 24mm, and the water flow is 0.1ml/time - 0.2ml/time. It is generally used for packaging eau de toilette, hair gel and other products. The same size as the soap can be determined according to the size of the bottle.

3. The index value of lotion pump head is 16-38ml, and the water flow is 0.28ml/time - 3.1ml/time, which is mainly used for cream and cleaning products.

4. Special distribution equipment, such as foam plastic pump head and hand button nozzle, is a kind of non air filled hand clamp pump head. Foam plastic will be produced without air injection, and high-quality foam plastic can be produced by gently pressing. Generally, there are special bottles. The hand buckle nozzle is generally used for cleaning objects, such as cleaning.

5. The regulator composition is relatively disordered, generally including: dust boot, power plug, wiring lug, gasket, piston rod, tension spring, gate valve cover, pump housing, plastic suction pipe, gate valve steel ball (bearing steel ball, glass marble). The outer cover and sealing cover can be colored, electroplated and covered with electric aluminum ring. Because a group of pump heads involves more abrasive tools and the purchase volume is relatively large, the initial order volume is 10000-20000.

6. The vacuum bottle is generally cylindrical, with a specification of 15ml - 50ml, and only 100ml. The full volume is relatively small. With the help of the basic principle of standard air pressure, it can prevent skin care products from causing environmental pollution in use. The aluminum carbide vacuum pump can be canned and the vacuum pump can be canned. The price of plastic electroplating and clay sculpture is much higher than that of other common utensils, and the general order quantity is lower.

7. Regulators have very few customers who want to mold themselves. They want more abrasive tools, and the cost is relatively high.

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