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Talk about what should be paid attention to in the application of lotion pump head


The lotion pump head, also known as the working pressure lotion pump, uses the air balance principle to pump out the raw material liquid in the bottle and fill the external air to the liquid regulator in the bottle. Important performance parameters of lotion pump head: pneumatic frequency, pump luminosity, diastolic pressure, opening torque of pressure bucket, rebound rate, seepage index value, etc.

The regulator of lotion pump head is divided into sanitary ware and screw, and the performance is divided into spray, powder, lotion pump, gas atomization valve and vacuum bottle.

The size of the lotion pump head is in line with the specification of the bottle body. The gushing specification and model is 12.5mm-24mm, and the outflow is 0.1ml/return - 0.2ml/power circuit. It is generally used for the packaging design of eau de toilette and suspicious glue. The length of the main parameters with the same specification can also be determined according to the relative height of the bottle.

The specification and model range of lotion pump head includes 16mL~38mL, and the residual oil output is 0.28mL/time - 3.1mL/power circuit, which is mainly used for fresh cream and washing products.

Other regulators, such as lotion pump head and hand lock water purification bottle, and foam plastic pump head are right or wrong pouring manual working pressure pump heads. It does not need to introduce gas to create foam plastic. Just press it gently, it will produce high-quality foam plastic for quantitative analysis. Generally, there are special water bottle seats. The hand button nozzle is generally used for detergent and similar products.
The composition of the regulator is relatively complex, generally including dust cover, tape drive, financial lever, sealing gasket, piston rod, torsion spring, gate valve, bottle plug, pump housing, plastic suction pipe, gate valve ball (including bearing steel ball, glass marble). Bottle stopper and dust cover can be used for colored plate, electroplating process and electrical automation aluminum ring.

The vacuum bottle is generally cylindrical, with the specification and model of 15mL-50ml, each 100mL, and the total volume is small. According to the basic principle of atmospheric pressure, skin care products can prevent pollution during use. The vacuum bottle includes aluminum carbide, plastic electroplating, and colored plate plastic. The price is more expensive than other general utensils, and the general order quantity requirements are lower. Regulators have very few customers who open their own molds and produce a lot of abrasive tools they want. The cost is very high.

A good lotion pump head needs attention in the following areas:
1. The sealing of the glass marble or ball under the torsion spring is very important. It is related to the upward force of liquid in the torsion spring cavity. If it leaks here, the liquid will leak into the bottle after the rocker is pressed, endangering the liquid gushing effect.

2. Sealant strip above the gate valve. If there is leakage here, when the rocker is loose, the liquid will pull up and the bottom will also be reduced, and the amount of liquid stored in the oil circuit board is very small, which will also affect the actual effect of gushing.

3. The working pressure bag and the key part of the gate valve cooperate with each other. If there is a loose leak here, there will often be a certain friction resistance when the liquid collides with the nozzle, and the liquid will flow back. If it leaks here, it will also affect the actual effect of the gushing.

4. Nozzle design, the quality of nozzle design will directly affect the effect of spray. Therefore, the efficiency of the general pump head can also detect these four parts, and the problems of other shapes and supporting facilities are all routine detected.

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