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The introduction of all plastic trigger sprayer


This all plastic trigger sprayer features the environmental friendly and recyclable material, and it can be reused. It’s main material is PP. All plastic design makes the product highly compatible.

 we have different trigger sprayer with various types. You can choose any type of trigger sprayer as you like. This trigger sprayer have three specifications: 28/400, 28/410, 28/400(Ratchet). The ratchet closure is a child resistant closure, Easy-to-use lock button provides extra security against leaking. Wherein a ratchet-type cap is threadably mounted on the neck of a container having a ring member integral therewith. The ratchet tooth on the tab and cooperating ratchet teeth on the cap are hidden from view to render the closure more child resistant. The tube length can be adjusted according to customer’s requirement. Sprayer has dosage 1.2~1.4 CC.

This trigger sprayer has three kinds of nozzles, sprayer/stream, plastic mesh/foam, spray/spray. Different nozzle designs and functions to meet specific requirements for different usage. Common uses for this trigger sprayer include kitchen cleaning, car care, home cleaning, garden care and more. We recommend testing compatibility prior to purchase.  Special plastic spring offers soft feeling when pull the trigger. Hydraulic design, only need to gently press, you can press the liquid. It can be recycled.

Featuring a distinctive curve stands out from most sprayers in the market, this sprayer adds a professional finish to product packaging. Our all products are guided and monitored under ISO9001. We have our own factory, so we can supply trigger sprayers by ourselves. And we accept OEM and ODM.




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