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How to maintain perfume spray pump

Perfume is generally bottled and press design. When selecting perfume pump sprayer head, check the quality. Good pump head presses cosmetics very smoothly. If the pump head is of poor quality, it is difficult to press it out. Therefore, maintenance is also required in Pingyuan.

When maintaining the perfume spray pump, it is necessary to check whether the pressing is flexible and the quality. Be sure to check that the pipeline and connector of the pump must be tight without looseness. Turn the pump by hand to see if it is flexible. In addition, the lubricating oil shall be replaced in time. It is recommended that you add bearing lubricating oil into the bearing body, carefully observe the oil level, and ensure that the lubricating oil is replaced or replenished in time at the center line of the oil pointer. Also check whether the perfume spray pump is pressed smoothly. It is recommended that you unscrew the water guide plug of the pump body, pour the suction slurry into it, and check whether the perfume spray pump head is pressed tightly. Close the outlet pressure gauge and gate valve of the water outlet pipeline of the perfume spray pump, and close the inlet vacuum gauge at the same time. Check the quality of perfume spray pump and maintain the pump head in time. If there are any questions you don't understand, you can call us at any time. There is an online customer service staff here who will help you answer any questions patiently. We can also see our contact information on the official website. You can call directly to inquire.

Perfume spray pump can be used by squeezing with one hand. In some special cases, the other hand can be used to play a greater role, avoiding the trouble of opening both hands. In fact, it is more labor-saving to install bottle caps with it, which is a more traditional way of use. This kind of bottle cap is troublesome to use, which affects the use experience of consumers. The installation and use of perfume spray pump are more convenient. It does not need to be opened during use, which not only reduces the trouble of opening, but also has greater advantages of being cleaner and sanitary. If it is blocked in the process of use, it is recommended that your customer use a sewing needle to poke it. This method is very good. The thinner the needle used, the better is to poke every hole in the nozzle. Then you can put the nozzle into hot water. If the nozzle of the perfume spray pump is blocked, using a needle will not solve the problem. This method won't work. You can put the nozzle into hot water and the blockage will melt. Of course, you can also soak in hot water for a while, and then blow with your mouth as fast as possible. If it still doesn't work, you can only change it. If it is a high-quality nozzle produced by a regular manufacturer, there will be no problem.

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