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The difference between water mist nozzle and water mist nozzle

1. Structural differences
The spray head consists of a spray head body, a nozzle, a nozzle core, a filter and other components. After a certain pressure of water enters the nozzle through the nozzle filter, the pressure water is ejected from the nozzle hole at a high speed to achieve the fire extinguishing effect.
For the impact type spray head, the water spray consists of a splash plate, a diverter cone, and a frame body. The pressure water flow is dispersed in the set area in the form of a uniform cone mist by impacting the external water splashing dish.
2. The diameter of the fog is different
Fog diameter: the volume % of the fog spray head has a characteristic diameter of DV0.90, less than 1mm. That is, in the total volume of the spray liquid, the ratio of the volume occupied by the mist having the diameter or smaller is 90% or more.
The diameter of fog: the fog droplets whose diameter Dv0.50 is less than 200m and Dv0.99 is less than 400m formed on the plane. That is, on this plane, 99% of the fog is less than 400m in diameter, and 50% of the fog is less than 200m in diameter.
The diameter of the mist sprayed by the high-pressure spray head is smaller than that of the water spray, so it is more suitable for places with higher flooding requirements than the water spray fire extinguishing system, such as libraries and archives.
3. Basic principles
The influence of factors such as design spray intensity, protection area, and spray head characteristics should be considered comprehensively.
Directly sprays water mist to completely cover the protected object.
The effective distance between the spray head and the protected object should not be greater than the effective range of the spray head.

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