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Hongda's quality control system


Quality is the life of an enterprise. In order to meet the strict quality requirements of customers in lotion pump and mist sprayer and trigger sprayer production, Hongda has gradually completed the optimization of management system and quality management system in the long production experience.
First from the source of strict control, strict assessment of raw material for foam pump and fine mist sprayer and all other products suppliers, the adoption of the survival of the fittest principle. For qualified suppliers, we will reassess and conduct quality inspection, and require them to meet our quality requirements of production of trigger sprayers and so on in excess to ensure the quality of incoming materials. Our company's inspectors will make a second inspection of the incoming materials and put them in storage after they are qualified.
At the beginning of formal production for all plastic lotion pump and foam pump, we will inspect and control the first piece to ensure that it is qualified before mass production begins. In the production process, there are spot checks. Once there is a quality problem, we will immediately report it to the quality supervisor and have a special technical team to analyze the root cause of the problem and immediately give a correction plan. Manual instruction for workers to ensure that such problems do not occur again. And follow up in the follow-up production to ensure that the problem is completely eliminated.
For new product development, we have specialized technical developers. In the development stage, we will concentrate the backbone of the company to improve the development efficiency.
The finished products are audited by IPQC, FQC and OQC. The salesman liaises with the customer about the shipment and ensures that the shipment is delivered to the customer by a reliable shipping team. Later sales will contact customers regularly, to understand customer satisfaction feedback. For suggestions and complaints from customers, we will feed back to the quality manager. The quality manager, together with the factory management, develops analysis reports and solutions to the customers, and actively improves our problems to meet customer needs.

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