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Development and quality control process of trigger sprayer


Trigger sprayers are used in personal care, car care, home care, garden care and more.
Trigger sprayer first appeared in the 1930s and in China in 1981. In order to solve the leakage problem of the trigger sprayer at that time, Chinese experts developed and patented a special structure in 1988. China is developing rapidly in this industry. Although many trigger sprayers did not have advanced equipment and most of them relied on manual production, domestic enterprises quickly designed and manufactured a batch of sprayers, plastic pump equipment and automatic machines by relying on advanced business philosophy and scientific management mode. Bad products in the production process will be directly filtered in the quality inspection machine, to ensure the quality of the trigger sprayers.
Quality control process of trigger sprayer:
1, raw material inspection: each batch of incoming materials for trigger sprayer and lotion pump will be strictly inspected, including plastic raw materials, glass balls, springs, color master batch, and there are corresponding inspection records.
2. Injection molding inspection: QC inspects the appearance and function of trigger sprayers according to the trigger sprayer inspection instructions, and makes inspection reports by sampling inspection.
3. Assembly inspection: In the process of trigger sprayer assembly, inspectors shall test and record each batch of assembled semi-finished products according to customer requirements and finished product inspection standards on the production sheet, and prepare inspection reports, including sampling inspection quantity, product size, straw length, etc.
4. Inspection of finished products: according to customer requirements and trigger sprayer inspection standards on the production sheet of trigger sprayers, QC inspects finished products, including appearance, tightness, liquid output, etc.

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