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How can the spray come out of the water?

Check whether there is foreign matter in the spray bottle nozzle. The nozzle of spray bottle is usually made up of one or more small holes. If day

After frequent use, the lid is not covered in time. The small dust particles in the air will adhere to the nozzle and cause blockage, resulting in the failure of the spray bottle.

Come on. If there are many attachments on the spray bottle nozzle, towel should be used to wipe the nozzle clean. If particles are drilled into nozzle holes, they can be used.

Particulate matter is picked out with a sharp object.

Check whether the nozzle has sunk. If the power used in the spray bottle is too large, it may cause the nozzle to sink in the long run.

Go on, can not automatically restore to the original position every time. If the nozzle of the spray bottle sinks, then it cannot be sprayed if it is pressed next.

Out of things, so the sprinkler should be pulled up, raised to the same height as the original, the sprinkler can be returned to the original position before ejecting east.


Shake the spray bottle. The nozzle in the bottle is fixed in a position for a long time. When the object in this position is sprayed out, it will be left behind.

The remaining objects are not uniform, which may also cause the spray bottle to be unable to spray anything. If the distribution of objects in the bottle is not uniform, the spray bottle will not spray east.

In the west, we can shake the spray bottle from top to bottom, so that the remaining objects are evenly distributed, and then we can eject things.

Turn the sprinkler. If the direction of the nozzle is fixed for a long time, the spray bottle can not be sprayed out. Spray bottle

The sprinkler is usually free to rotate, and then it can rotate the sprinkler clockwise or counterclockwise, and it can also spray the spray bottle out of the East.


Take apart to check whether the spray column is blocked. If the spray column is blocked, the key component of the spray column wet spray bottle will not be sprayed.

When something comes out, it is necessary to dismantle the spray bottle and clean the spray column before making it possible to spray something out of the bottle.

The pump component is broken. The water pump is the core part of the spray bottle. If the components of the pump are broken, the spray bottle will also be damaged.

It's reimbursed. At this time, you can check the parts that make up the pump, if possible, you can replace the parts and repair the pump. If the pump is not repaired

All right, then change the new spray bottle.

The above is the answer to the question of how to handle the problem that the water can't be sprayed out from the sprinkler. The use of sprinklers is not just for watering.

Flowers, in life, we can also use it to wash cars, clean glass and so on is very convenient. Although the sprinkler is a very small appliance, it does

When choosing, we should choose quality assurance.


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