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How does the shower gel start the pump?

The pump head of shower gel needs to be rotated. The newly bought shower gel, whose pump head is generally locked, is designed to prevent the bottle of shower gel from being squeezed during transportation and leading to the outflow from the pump head.

The pump heads of the newly purchased shower gel are locked, and there will be a plastic film outside to fix them. When using, it is necessary to tear off the plastic sealing film first, then turn the pump head clockwise or counter-clockwise, usually rotating half circle or one circle, and the pump head will automatically bounce up.

Some shower gel will give a clip that can hold the pressing pipe under the pump head. If you don't use the shower gel or travel, you can stick the clip on the shower gel, so that nothing else will be squeezed into the pump head and the bath liquid in the bottle will flow out. In addition, the pump head of the shower gel can actually be pressed back.

If you want to lock the head of the shower gel, after pressing the head down, turn the head clockwise or counter-clockwise, and twist a few more turns to lock the head. But most people don't use this method, they only use special clips to fix the pump head. There is also writing bath lotion is not pump head type, but button type, which is more convenient than pump head operation.


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