What is the cause of the watering can not suck the water


The products produced by the watering can manufacturer […]

The products produced by the watering can manufacturer are often used in our life. Because it is small in size and easy to use, it is very popular among people. What is the reason why it can not be used when it is used?
First, we put the water into the water bottle and add water to half. When the water is not sprayed, the small holes may be blocked by dirt or sand, and the nozzle should be cleaned. When the watering can is not in use, it is required to let off the pressure inside the kettle to prevent damage to the piston. After the watering can is used up, the water in the pot should be dumped and placed in the warehouse. When the watering can uses a stage, when the piston feels no pressure, it may be the loss of the piston gasket. The piston should be unscrewed, replaced with a gasket or a rubber cover installed in the shape of the original gasket.
When using it, we should pay attention to its correct operation and maintenance, in order to better play its role, usually pay attention to maintenance and extend its service life.