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What functional tests should cosmetic nozzles have


The cosmetic spray head has to go through many inspections before leaving the factory. The inspection is very important for its functionality. Let’s take a look at what is included in the cosmetic spray head functional inspection?

1. The functional inspection of cosmetic nozzles mainly depends on the amount of spraying each time, which should meet the needs of manufacturers and purchasers, at least the spraying can be even.

2. The outer packaging of cosmetics, its outer shell and inner bottle cap should be able to tighten and fit, not loose, and completely tightly tighten the nozzle and bottle body, there should be no idling or tripping.

3. The cosmetics should have a close-fitting bottle and spray nozzle. There is no leakage or slippage. You can test it with water to check its leakage.

The functional inspection of cosmetic nozzles should also be tested, and its air compressor must be inspected one by one during quality inspection.

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