The reason why the watering can is insufficient


The products of the watering can manufacturer are widel […]

The products of the watering can manufacturer are widely used in agriculture because it has the advantages of simple operation and high efficiency. It is very popular among people, but it is inevitable that there will be problems when it is used, so what is the reason for his lack of pressure?

First, consider the foreign matter blocking the filter or pipe. If too much foreign matter is sucked into the small filter, the water absorption of the water pump is hindered, and the atomization of the watering can is large and small. If the filter is clogged or there is foreign matter in the spout, it will cause excessive pressure of the pump but poor atomization during spraying. In general, the nozzle is clogged and the nozzle can be replaced. Or after using for a period of time, the valve seat can be opened or closed due to no-load operation or friction of debris, causing the sealing surface to wear or block. Please check if the spool spring is broken, and replace the parts in time.

When we use it to reduce the occurrence of such a situation, we should pay attention to maintenance when we use it, especially if it is clean thoroughly, otherwise it will be easy to block or let the residual potion corrode.