The reason why the electric sprayer is not charged


The electric sprayer produced by the hand-held sprayer […]

The electric sprayer produced by the hand-held sprayer manufacturer has a very good effect, but sometimes it will encounter the situation that the charge is not charged. Let me find the reason.

The first is to check if the charger is damaged. The specific method is to use another good charger to test the charging. If it can be charged normally, it means the original charger is damaged. If it can't be charged, then check the charger jack again. The internal wires and the connection are whether there is any debris inside, and it is necessary to check whether the connection of each connection line of the socket is tight. Then there is whether the battery, voltage, etc. are in the normal range. Whether the indicator light can be normally lit or not is an influencing factor.

 There are many reasons for not charging, so we must check it properly when using it, so that we can find out the real reason and have a real effect when using it.