The reason and inspection method of not rebounding after pressing the emulsion pump head


The lotion pump head is integrated by different plastic […]

The lotion pump head is integrated by different plastic components and accessories.
    This article focuses on the reasons why the head can not rebound or the rebound is slow after pressing, and how to check it.
    Among the lotion pump head components and accessories, the most important ones are the piston (three-piece set), the extension spring, and the body (the part where the extension spring is installed in the barrel).
The piston, relying on the elasticity of the tension spring, continuously performs the stroke effect in the body to pull the material out of the bottle.
    Any kind of non-cooperation will lead to the serious problem pointed out in this article that the head cannot rebound or cannot be ejected after pressing.
    In order to prevent this kind of situation from happening, in the production process, we should firstly check whether the length of the tension spring is standard. If the difference is thousands of miles, the effect of the length on the piston is not ignored. When in place, it will directly form the head and press down, the rebound will not be able to rebound or the rebound will be slower.
    Second, check whether the thickness of the piston fits the body. During the movement of the piston, any trace of empty space will form a weak suction, and the material will not be pressed by the head. Because plastic has the properties of thermal expansion and contraction, a normal piston is appropriately important to ensure the quality of the emulsion pump head.
    Finally, let's analyze the body. In view of the elasticity of the plastic, if the operation is not correct during the injection time, the lack of injection will cut off the thin layer of the body, resulting in uneven inner wall, which cannot be prevented during the piston stamping The lower gap makes it impossible to discharge.
    After the analysis of the above three parts, the pressing can not be pressed out. Perhaps the appearance that the head cannot be lifted up after pressing can actually be prevented.
    We need to carefully check the perseverance test to ensure the normal use of each set of products for our customers.