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The cosmetic bottle online shopping market is more inclined to plastic packaging

In the traditional cosmetic bottle market, glass cosmetic bottles can better express the high-end appeal of cosmetics under the effect of the lights in the shopping malls and containers. But shopping malls are changing, and e-commerce is developing rapidly. Cosmetics online shopping malls have been unusually hot in recent years. It has had an impact on the traditional cosmetics market, and more cosmetics appear in front of consumers through the display of network images instead of passing through the goods counter. This also makes the cosmetic bottle packaging market begin to undergo a quiet change. 
Regarding online shopping cosmetic bottle malls, plastic cosmetic bottles are more suitable, because the demand for online cosmetics touches a more messy logistics environment than retail cosmetics. Cosmetic bottles from the cargo station are generally shipped in batches, while a small number of cosmetic bottles purchased online are generally sent to consumers. Therefore, plastic cosmetic bottles are becoming more suitable. At the same time, the packaging cost of plastic cosmetic bottles is greatly reduced compared with glass cosmetic bottles. This will be an infinite cost saving for cosmetics network companies. It will also help to curb the constant high-end luxury of cosmetic bottle packaging at that time. Wind is conducive to saving social resources and guiding the correct concept of cosmetic bottle packaging.

For manufacturers, especially plastic pump head manufacturers, the continuous development and growth of plastic cosmetic bottles relying on online shopping malls is an excellent opportunity.


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