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The beautiful bottle customer is worried about the rust of the inner spring of the pump head

Most customers and cosmetics manufacturers are worried about her products coming into beautifully packaged bottles. A unique formula used as a spray pump spring will rust within a period of time, causing pollution to completely solve cosmetics that cannot be used. This is a big problem when the product is going to be used. Inside the rusty spray pump head.

How to buy spray pump head to avoid spring rust? How to buy an acceptance spray pump head spring to make sure that it will not rust for quick and accurate experiments? We want to give you some suggestions.

⒈Nowadays, we have many kinds of springs available on the market. However, the ever-changing cosmetic formulations. The PH value of the project will also change accordingly. Therefore, we will recommend customers to adopt a good acid and alkali resistant pump head. In the domestic market, SUS304H is mainly used for springs. This mode is only suitable for cosmetic products with a basic pH value above 5.5. For example, the normal pH value for sterilization is 6.7. An excellent acid, alkali and spring resistant material is called SUS316L. Anti-dandruff shampoo is an example. ZPT is added to this formula. Our SUS316L resistor spring is a good high-acid product.

⒉Some people have now adopted SUS304 instead of SUS304H, which is cheaper. But it is more acid-resistant functional SUS304H. This spring is easy to rust during high humidity and room temperature. ⒊If you want to know if your pump head is SUS304, US304H or US316L. Nickel value you can test


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