Talking about the application of spray bottle in cosmetics and other fields


With the advancement of science and technology and the […]

With the advancement of science and technology and the improvement of living standards, more and more advanced packaging are used in many fields. Among them, the use of spray bottles in many fields such as cosmetics, medicine, and washing is advancing by leaps and bounds. The nozzle of the spray bottle can spray the liquid evenly, which is more convenient for people to use.

First of all, in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, for example, it is very troublesome to apply oral liquid. After the spray bottle is used, the medicine can be sprayed evenly in the oral cavity, which greatly helps the patient to apply the medicine. After the liquid is sprayed, the dosage can be better controlled and the effect of the medication can be improved.

Secondly, in the field of cosmetic packaging, cosmetic spray bottle packaging makes the application of cosmetics more diverse. In the past, perfume bottles used the cap style, and it was obviously difficult to spray evenly on the smell. The spray bottle style has been greatly improved.

Finally, in the field of detergents, spray bottles have also undergone new improvements and innovations, and spray guns have appeared. Chemical products ranging from ordinary detergents to cleaning agents have begun to be packaged in spray bottles.

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