Standards for cosmetics inspection of plastic pump heads


    ⒈ Diameter of plastic pump head bottle mouth: 43/41 […]

⒈ Diameter of plastic pump head bottle mouth: 43/410 40/410
⒉ Plastic pump head color: white and bright colors are conventional colors, other colors are made according to the color version provided by the customer
⒊Dose pumped: 0.4±0.1/0.8±0.15g/1.6±0.15g
⒋The first time the plastic pump head pumps out water: ≤6 times
⒌Pressing feel: the speed of rebound and hand synchronization, time ﹤1.5 seconds
⒍Sealability of plastic pump head: full bottle (water. emulsion) and product locking status, positive pressure test: within 2.5 minutes with 2.5KG positive pressure bottle body, or reverse pressure test: vacuum pressure at negative 0.05Mpa/5 minutes Don't leak inside.
⒎ Plastic pump head suction tube length: length ± 2MM
⒏ Foam specification: the liquid of the pump head is foam, the foam should be full, delicate and even. (Note: For liquids with different formulations, the foam effect will change).
⒐Service life of plastic pump head: ≥1000 times
⒑Applicable products: cleansing foam, shampoo foam, shaving foam, shower gel, hand soap, etc.
⒒ Plastic pump head material: PP or PE
⒓ Conventional packaging materials for plastic pump heads: Outer box size (CM): 58.5*45.5*29, about 500 pieces per box

Covered plastic emulsion pump head application
Application fields of plastic emulsion pump head with lid:
The pump head used in hand sanitizer, shower gel, facial cleanser, shampoo, the first function is to save the amount of liquid, quietly press hard, the emulsion will come out, and it will be clean and clean, will not form polluted emulsion, everyone Preferred.
Use method of plastic emulsion pump head:
① Fix the bottle cap and rotate the pump head according to the figure below the pump head, the pump head will rise.
② If the pump head cannot rise, please tighten the cap again and try again.
③、Press down on the pump head by hand.
④ If there is any doubt, although hard.
Streamlined emulsion pump head for eye-catching planning
The lotion pump head has a crystal-clear drive and an external tension spring pump to ensure that perfume and lotion adhere to innocence and no pollution. The streamlined emulsion pump head plan is very eye-catching, and the self-care products labeled with the retailer's label are customized for the brand's needs, the company said. The aluminum-plated bottleneck can transmit the color of the metalized topcoat, and the emulsion pump head creates a visual impact on the shelf. The same color also matches the detailed color in the brand.