Spray pump head and ordinary cosmetic pressure pump


Quality description: 1. After being assembled with a bo […]

Quality description:

1. After being assembled with a bottle filled with water, prevent liquid leakage

2. Good airtightness, uniform spray volume, strong corrosion resistance, good exhaust function, and safety in compliance with quality standards.

3. The product is pumped smoothly and discharged quickly, just once.

4. Good sealing and no water leakage

5. Even spray volume and good effect

Product advantages:

1. Delivery on time

2. Free samples to provide customers with production test

3. Our company accepts new product customization

4. Accept supporting business, our company is willing to cooperate with various bottle factories to engage in supporting business or OEM production

5. Inventory: regular color

Is the working principle of the spray pump head the same as the ordinary cosmetic pressure pump? Answer: It's not the same, it's definitely different. The reasons are as follows:

The effect of the spray pump head is that the sprayed liquid must be atomized, and the quality requirement standard of the spray pump is based on the atomization effect. The better the atomization effect, the quality standard of the spray pump The higher it is, of course, in addition to this, there is another issue of range. The stronger the bursting force, the longer the spray distance and the stronger the spray. Relatively speaking, the atomization effect of spray pump will be better. Another problem is the spray angle. The working principle of spray pumps. Generally, spray pump manufacturers require between 30 degrees and 45 degrees, because only this angle can be more focused and atomized, and the sprayed liquid becomes mist and again If the angle is too large, the atomization will appear weak and loose, the mist will become water droplets, and the mine spray pump will be too weak to drip, so that the spray will be uneven and the receiver will not drift.