Plastic pump head enters high-end packaging market


Some suppliers continue to promote plastic pumps as an […]

Some suppliers continue to promote plastic pumps as an alternative to traditional metal pumps.
Traditionally, plastic is considered a packaging material that does not have luxury features. The emergence of innovative resin injection technology and our experience in applying this technology have made it possible to provide customers with an innovative packaging material that has a more high-end appearance and changes the image of cheap plastic.
The use of plastic pumps instead of metal pump heads has also brought more choices for decorative methods. "Personalized decoration on metal pump heads is often not feasible due to the high cost.
In contrast, the unique decoration of plastic pump heads is cheaper and easier for customers to accept. "After the application of plastic pump heads, white has become a new color option." Anodized aluminum pumps The metal surface of the head is difficult to show a white effect, but if you choose white on the pump head produced by the plastic injection molding process, you will receive a good visual effect. "