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Novel nozzle improved structure involving a portable air pressure watering can


There are many types of watering cans, which are roughly divided into two types: pressure type and pressure storage type. The former air pump and nozzle are integrated into one body. Each time the air pump is pressed, a certain amount of liquid can be sprayed, which is mostly used for perfume bottles, shower gels and the like. On the packaging; the latter is mostly a special watering can product, the bottle body has a sealed structure, can withstand a certain pressure, and can produce continuous water spray or spray effect during operation. The structure of the watering can includes a kettle body, a lid, a gas cylinder assembly mounted on the lid, and a nozzle assembly with a valve. The nozzle assembly is mounted at an end of the valve chamber, and a valve core is disposed in the valve chamber, and the valve core is in contact with the nozzle assembly. The water inlet taper port forms a switch; the valve core is connected with a valve stem, the valve stem passes through the bottom of the valve cavity, and is connected by a handle, and the handle can be pulled to move the valve stem to move backward, and the high pressure water flow can be Smoothly passing through the inlet taper of the water inlet, the nozzle is sprayed out; a spring is arranged on the valve stem, and a sealing ring is arranged between the spring and the bottom of the valve cavity to achieve the purpose of preventing leakage and air leakage. The design of the spool has certain drawbacks, causing the watering can often leak out of the valve stem, especially in non-working conditions. How to design a more reasonable nozzle assembly has become the object of research of this utility model.
Summary of the invention:
The new purpose is to design a nozzle structure for a pneumatic watering can that blocks different parts of the valve body from opening and closing at the water inlet of the valve body.
The technical solution of the present invention is realized as follows: a nozzle structure of a pneumatic watering can, comprising a pot cover, a nozzle assembly mounted on the crotch portion of the lid and a valve assembly in the lid chamber, wherein the valve assembly comprises a valve The body slides in spring, the spring pressure plate, the valve core and the button retaining ring, and the button positioned on the lid; the valve body is fixed in the lid cavity, and has a valve cavity and a radial passage The through hole of the valve cavity has a water inlet interface and a water outlet interface corresponding to the through hole, and the water inlet interface can be inserted into the water suction pipe inserted into the kettle body, and the water outlet interface can communicate with the nozzle assembly; the valve core has a columnar structure. One end has a water passage, and is kept sliding at the through hole of the valve cavity under the action of the spring. During operation, once the button is pressed, the valve core moves inward against the spring force, so that the valve core through the water passage communicates with the through hole, and the valve opens; the external force of the button is removed, and the valve core is reset under the action of the spring to block the through hole. The valve is in the closed state; the spring pressure plate and the button retaining ring function to keep the valve core from being deformed and generating a water leakage gap when it is in motion.
A positioning frame is fixed in the lid cavity, and the valve body and the button are buckled on the reserved hole of the positioning frame through the abduction folding leg to form a structure fixed with the lid; the reserved hole for the button folding foot is The long slot provides the button action stroke, and the positioning bracket fixes the valve body and the button to bring convenience to the assembly.
The cylinder surface of the valve core has three annular reinforcing ribs, wherein two adjacent annular reinforcing ribs are evenly distributed with axial reinforcing ribs, and the other two adjacent annular reinforcing ribs have annular grooves, which constitute an annular groove Through the water channel. Through the design of the three annular ribs, the sealing performance is reduced, the contact surface with the valve cavity is reduced, the friction between the mating surfaces is reduced, and the sliding is smoother and lighter.
The spool surface is filled with lubricating oil in a region separated by two adjacent annular reinforcing ribs and axial reinforcing ribs. The area separated by the axial reinforcing ribs serves both to isolate the water and to provide a place for the lubricating oil to be placed.
The nozzle assembly comprises -L-shaped tube, large screw head, nozzle and small screw head in sequence; one end of the L-shaped tube is inserted into the water outlet interface in the valve body, and the other end is inserted on the large screw-shaped tapered passage port; The mouth is placed between the small screw head and the large screw head, the small screw head is screwed on the large screw head, and the large screw head is screwed on the crotch portion of the lid. The position of the nozzle is changed by the L-shaped tube, and the tightness of the small screw can be adjusted by rotating, and the atomization state can be adjusted by the gap between the nozzle and the nozzle.
The valve body in the new nozzle structure has a vertical arrangement of the valve cavity and the inlet and outlet water through holes, and the cylindrical valve core slides in the valve cavity to generate an open and closed state, thereby avoiding a gap formed by the operation parts such as buttons, causing water leakage and leakage. The defect is further matched by the spring pressure plate and the button retaining ring, so that when the valve core slides in both directions, the two ends are not deformed, no water leakage gap is generated, and the utility model is durable and prolongs the service life of the product.


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