Judging the pros and cons of electric watering can


For us, the products of the watering can manufacturer a […]

For us, the products of the watering can manufacturer are mainly used in the agricultural planting sprinkler spray, because it sprays pesticides evenly and saves money, which is very popular among farmers, but in order to ensure its use effect, it should also pay attention to its selection. Buying tips.

However, the detection of too complicated at the time of purchase is not realistic. Today, the manufacturer teaches you a few simple detection methods. The first is to weigh the weight, the quality of the watering can is generally thicker, the quality is heavier. Also for the FRP boom, use both hands to grasp the two sides of the boom to twist in both directions. The good boom will not break. Finally, the water test machine should be sprayed and sprayed continuously and evenly, and there should be no leakage of parts and joints. At the same time, the liquid tank filled with water can be tilted in all directions to observe whether there is leakage at the joint of the medicine box cover. In addition, the merchant may be required to do a drop test to see if the liquid tank is leaky or not.

Of course, after purchasing a quality-qualified product, you should also pay attention to the correct operation to avoid the quality effect caused by the operation error. Also need to do the appropriate maintenance work, such as cleaning the remaining pesticides, etc., professional can extend its service life.