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Ingenious design of detergent bottle nozzle


Double or triple, the thread section can be designed to be semi-circular. High temperature performance test: Place the plastic bottle in a high temperature environment for three consecutive days. The ambient temperature needs to be between - and after three days, if the surface of the plastic bottle does not break and deform, explain its High temperature resistance, automatic production of the entire production line, less personnel, polyethylene characteristics, followed by smell, if there is a pungent smell, even if you do not unscrew the lid, you can smell it from the outside; Look at the hardness, good plastic container is thicker, hardness is good, the hand pressure will not be excessively deformed, you can also fill the bottle with hot water, see if the bottle is deformed, whether there is odor, and repeatedly upside down, check whether seal. In the lot of manufacturers of laundry detergent bottles, if you want to have a better prospect in this career, you must combine the current low-carbon theme, the most important thing is to make the design more beautiful, and constantly strengthen yourself The skill level of production enables the company to coat the entire surface.
It is often used to analyze the quality of our plastic bottles. We should judge the quality of each step from the quality standards of the manufacturers.
Packaging materials should be able to effectively protect the product. Therefore, it should have a certain strength, toughness and elasticity to adapt to pressure and impact. The effects of vibrational isostatic and dynamic factors. Many of the above characteristics make it more and more widely used in beverage packaging. If juice or non-carbon is used, we believe that PET mineral water bottle manufacturers should actively enter this field to solve the material dilemma has become everyone's The material characteristics of the consensus transparent plastic bottle, how much do you know? The new market demand for hand-washing liquid bottles in Luohe City is mainly from South Asia, Southeast Asia and China, and their average annual growth rate will reach % and respectively. Plastic bottles have a strong competitive advantage in product selection and packaging materials.
There are also some bulk laundry bottles sold in the mall, and some individuals will buy these bulk laundry detergents. Spray plastic bottles are of high quality. So what are the material requirements for plastic bottles used in cosmetic packaging? Many people who are not involved in the plastics industry, whether they are bosses or outsiders, if they are not personally in contact with the professional guidance of the plastics industry, it is difficult to distinguish between PE plastic bottles and PET plastic bottles.
Chinese and foreign companies selling film products are effective, and will initially carry out pilot projects in the field of separation membranes and gradually promote them to the entire functional film industry. Glass bottle. Oral solids and liquids* are plastic bags of the same type.
  The wholesale cost of cosmetic packaging bottles is only more precise. If you want to create demand, you can only ask for it. If you want to spread the information about the selling points, you should find the basis in the product, that is, the product must be The positioning can support, can not play the concept of empty hands, the changes in consumer psychological needs and their concepts directly affect the consumer's consumption behavior, so it is important to grasp the consumer psychology of the target customers in the selling point, the selling point needs very perfect corporate culture support and The factual support is "direct pointing to the human heart", which is completely consistent with the basic emotions and moral concepts of human beings. Moreover, the stable characteristics of the glass itself, such as no fading or deformation, effectively prevent the cosmetic from reacting with the bottle under the light, and can better ensure the quality of the cosmetic. In the United States, all kinds of plastic bottles have been widely used in the year. With the development of composite materials and the growth of plastic bottle packaging technology, China has been able to effectively guarantee the accuracy of the packaging of liquid and solid dosage plastic bottles. However, it is still necessary to continuously grow small-sized plastic bottles to package this convenient and accurate soft plastic bottle packaging situation.


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