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Which factors determine whether to purchase cosmetic packaging materials


1. To find the right manufacturer, if you are purchasing finished products, it is recommended to find the manufacturer directly. If the packaging material needs process processing, it is recommended to find a process manufacturer to purchase the packaging material for you and be responsible for the process processing; the advantages of this approach are: the process The packaging material procurement of manufacturers is often cheaper than yours, and the price they give you for packaging materials is not necessarily higher than that of the manufacturer; process processing will definitely produce defective products, entrust process manufacturers to purchase, and the defective products generated in process processing, they You have to take care of it yourself. If you purchase it yourself, not to mention the high rate of defective products, all defective products are counted as yours, and at most the craft manufacturer will return the quantity to you.
2. For related supporting issues, the bottle and the lid are both tightly sealed, whether the packaging material and the contents are chemically reacted, whether the processing method of the packaging material material matches, etc. (some materials are not suitable for silk screen printing, bronzing, spray plating, etc.). These are important issues that need to be consulted and communicated with the manufacturer in advance.
3. The strength background of suppliers, some suppliers have only one office space, the packaging materials are purchased, and the process is also entrusted, so there will be considerable hidden dangers in terms of delivery time and quality control. Recommendations are at least one of Article 1 required.
4. The supplier's service concept. In the early understanding, you must understand the service concept of the supplier's responsible person, as well as the quality and service attitude of the business personnel. This is very important. A good mini sprayer business person can solve the problem for you. Share many difficult issues in the procurement of packaging materials.

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