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What are the working details of perfume spray pump


Perfume spray pump can improve our quality of life and realize the function of automatic air purification. We need to know that in the family life, the leftovers and garbage in the trash can should cause the indoor air to be very pungent, so we need to have a perfume spray pump at home, which can help us remove all the unpleasant smells in the air together, and also can play a role in disinfection. The perfume spray pump should not produce any harmful substances to the human body, but it can also keep the indoor air constant and maintain long-term fragrance.
What is the working principle of perfume spray pump? When the button on the spray pump is pressed, the downward pressure between the bottles should increase to push the perfume between the bottles up along the pipeline. Because the opening at the front end outlet of the spray pump is relatively small, large water droplets will be pressurized and dispersed here. Most spray pumps are mounted on the wall and can also be used in public places, toilets or bedrooms.
Perfume shed pump type: 1. Automatic perfume spray pump: this spray pump is internally added with essential oil and perfume. After use, the fragrance should stay for a long time, should not choke, and has high environmental protection performance. Moreover, it is not flammable and harmless, so it can be safely used even if there are children and the elderly at home, and the safety factor is relatively high. 2. Pressure tank freshener perfume spray pump: generally not recommended, because its built-in perfume is a combination of gas and essence, with poor environmental protection performance. If there is a fire source, it may explode, which is very dangerous.
Instructions: 1. When using the perfume spray pump, do not spray it on people's faces. If the skin contacts it, wash it as soon as possible, and the time should be controlled within 15 minutes. 2. Place the perfume spray pump out of the reach of children. 3. Do not place food and water dispenser around the spray pump. 4. Do not put it in a low place, in the sun or in a damp place. 5. If the perfume spray pump is abnormal during operation, it should be stopped immediately. 6. After perfume is used up, it is recommended to replace a new perfume can. When erecting the perfume tank, make the pressure head of the perfume spray pump face upward, leave a gap, and then erect the perfume tank firmly, so as to better connect and complete. If the erection fails, the head of the spray pump will be damaged and discarded.
Although perfume spray pump has a wide range of functions and simple application methods, we also need to pay attention to the above application details to help us use it more safely. Perfume spray pumps are usually suitable for dry public places, hotels and family environments. Nowadays, the spices between perfume spray pumps sold by many enterprises are extracted from natural plants, which have refreshing functions and are worth buying. It's very reassuring to use.

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